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Commission Classes

Commissioned Events with IAC Florida

Would you like IAC Florida to give a class or workshop in your area? Now you can! With our commissioned event option, you can work directly with the IAC Florida office to make a local event a reality for you and your colleagues.

The commissioned event option is simple: from the table below, choose one or more IAC events that you would like to have in your area, and reach out to the IAC Florida office to work out scheduling options and arrange for payment.

To get started with a commissioned IAC event in your area, contact


Event Costs

The table below lists our options for commissioned events, including the cost of commissioning each event type.

In addition to the costs below, the following costs apply: cost of event venue rental, cost of lodging for IAC instructor(s), and cost of transportation for IAC instructor(s). All of these costs will be dependent upon the circumstantial needs and regional costs for each one. Please contact us if you would like a quote.

Event Duration Cost Notes
Introductory Lecture 1½ Hrs. $60
Bioenergy Workout 3 Hrs. $120 Can be given in an indoor classroom setting or an outdoor nature setting.
Consciousness Development Program (CDP) – Single Class 2½ Hrs. $125
Consciousness Development Program (CDP) – Single Module 10 Hrs. (2-day) $500
Consciousness Development Program (CDP) – Full Program 40 Hrs. (8-day) $2000 Typically given over four consecutive weekends though other scheduling options are possible.


Program Requirements and Details

Each commissioned event, or set of commissioned events, will have one on-site contact person.

The contact person for the commissioned event will be responsible for the following key items:

  • Handling payments to IAC Florida. All payments must be transferred one week before the date of the event.
  • Handling payments and guest list for all attendees.
  • Securing the event venue, plus costs associated with utilizing the venue.