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Events with Pre-Requisites

Woman on BenchCDP Advanced 1: Self-Knowledge

Advanced 1 is a deep weekend immersion in intensive self-analysis that helps you to not only evaluate your current personal condition, but also to identify the changes necessary to accomplish your existential program or life purpose… [Learn More]

CDP1-3_Extraphysical sphere of energy_projector out ofCDP Advanced 2: Assistantial Energetic Field

Advanced 2 is a 3-day weekend workshop that takes place at a hotel, nestled in a natural setting and within a 2 hour drive of an IAC educational center. The main purpose of the course is to assist you through deep energetic unblocking and to provide an optimal environment for first-hand psychic experiences… [Learn More]

CDP1-2_Looseness of the holochakraBioenergetic Decathlon

In this advanced course we offer 10 weekly bioenergetic training sessions to help you take your performance to the next level. Each week you will develop important energetic and psychic abilities including Psychometry, VELO mastery, Auric coupling and more… [Learn More]

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