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Bioenergetic Decathlon

The Bioenergetic Decathlon is a 10 session course

Prerequisites: Consciousness Development Program

CDP1-2_Looseness of the holochakraJust as an athlete can take physical abilities to new heights through dedicated practice, you too can develop your energetic and psychic faculties through consistent exercise. In this advanced course we offer 10 weekly bioenergetic training sessions to help you take your performance to the next level. Each week you will develop important energetic and psychic abilities including Psychometry, VELO mastery, Auric coupling and more. During the 10 week period you will also receive follow-up and support to help instill healthier and more developed bioenergetic habits. This course is guaranteed to improve your abilities. Class schedule:

  • Class 1: Enhanced bioenergy workout “a”
  • Class 2: VELO dynamics “a”
  • Class 3: Enhanced Psychometry
  • Class 4: Enhanced bioenergy workout “b”
  • Class 5: Auric coupling dynamics “a”
  • Class 6: VELO dynamics “b”
  • Class 7: Auric coupling dynamics “b”
  • Class 8: Enhanced bioenergies in nature (at a local park)
  • Class 9: Remote viewing
  • Class 10: Enhanced bioenergies in motion (at a local park)

* To get the maximum benefit, please do your best to attend all classes in the series. Up to 2 classes can be missed to continue with the program.

See below for dates of upcoming Bioenergetic Decathlons:

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