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Bioenergy Workout

CDP1-2_AuraBioenergy, or universal life force energy, is known by many names across different cultures. In Chinese medicine it is called qi or chi, in Hinduism it is known as prana and others in the west refer to it as vital energy. This life force permeates all living things, and you have a natural ability to sense and control your own personal energies.

Our Bioenergy Workout provides an exciting and informative experience of your bioenergies through exercises led by one of our seasoned instructors. This 3-hour practical workshop will teach you to to circulate, absorb, and donate energies, to apply techniques that will help develop your sensitivity and perceptions, and ends with a very interesting clairvoyance exercise.
Mastering your personal energies is one of the keys to becoming more self-aware, maintaining equilibrium, identifying and overcoming emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defense, unlocking your potential, and developing your clairvoyance. These energy exercises are the foundation on which you can increase your natural psychic abilities and ultimately have out of body experiences with more ease. They will teach you to revitalize and clear your own energetic field, protect yourself energetically, identify external energetic influences, and increase awareness about your energetic condition.

The class is 100% free for our members (basic and above) in gratitude for their support and as part of our commitment to invest in their well-being and personal development. This course is also a great practical complement to our award-winning Consciousness Development Program.
When the weather is beautiful we also offer an outdoor version, Bioenergies In Nature, at a local park.

See below for dates of upcoming Bioenergy Workouts:

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