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IAC Membership Program


Are you interested in connecting with an international network of people at the forefront of consciousness studies, self-development and psychic awareness? Our membership program is designed to give you the opportunity to express your support of Conscientiology by helping our organization improve and expand, while staying personally connected through member-only activities. Join our membership program today and gain access to a community of 500+ members worldwide, a free copy of our quarterly Journal of Conscientiology, discounts on books and courses and even free courses and practical workshops. Our Major members also meet regularly to discuss a wide range of topics, share their personal experiences, and participate in events that improve their self-knowledge and develop their capacities. By generously becoming a member, you will be partnering with the IAC to make a positive contribution by offering first-rate educational programs and developing truly leading-edge research. Your membership contribution is tax deductible and forms a vital part of the financial support that enables the us to carry out research and improve our educational activities. We would like to thank you for your membership and look forward to seeing you again at the academy soon!

Categories & Benefits

The table below outlines the array of benefits of our membership program. Note that the ‘Subscribe’ button will automatically deduct your membership dues each year. To subscribe for just one year, please use the PayPal button below.

$55 / year
Subscription to virtual Journal of Conscientiology
10% Discount on Books and Movies
Retake Consciousness Development Program for Free
$95 / year
All Associate benefits plus...
Discounts on Courses and Labs
Free Admission to Bioenergy Workout and Bioenergies in Nature
$130 / year
All Basic benefits plus...
Live and online Monthly Membership Meetings*
Be a part of your local consciential community
$200 / year
All Major benefits plus...
Make an extra contribution to the IAC's work
* Major Member Meetings have a pre-requisite of CDP Module 2

One-time Membership Purchase

In addition to the ‘Subscribe’ option in the table above, you can sign up for a single year of IAC Membership using the PayPal button below*.

Membership Category

Member Name

* Partner memberships are available to members who live in the same house.