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About IAC

About the IAC Florida 

The IAC is committed to the investigation of the consciousness, its capacity to manifest outside of the physical body, and a comprehensive range of associated phenomena. Located centrally at 4011 W Flagler St, Suite 303, Miami, the IAC Florida regular offers lectures, classes, workshops, and small group sessions to the public from subjects ranging from energetic control, Out-of-Body Experience training, spirit guides and past lives, to philosophy of science. Programs are available in Miami, online, and in 9 other cities around the world.

Our full schedule can be viewed on our Calendar page.

Why Consciousness Exploration?

Consciousness exploration is widely considered one of the greatest and most persistent mysteries of science. It provokes questions such as: Why are we aware? Are people merely biological beings, or something more than this? Does the consciousness survive after the body dies? The IAC strives to help the public to delve deeper into these subjects and to empower individuals to seek answers for themselves using an objective framework free from dogma and with a more universal approach.  IAC instructors coach students to develop their inherent abilities to perceive and relate to the multidimensional world around them so that they can verify this reality on their own terms and through their own eyes.

IAC Instructors and Team

The courses delivered by IAC’s educational centers around the world offer participants a combination of information and practical training that allows them to understand and experience life beyond the physical body. IAC’s classes are taught by a team of highly dedicated, trained, and well-researched instructors. Instructors of the IAC strive to be ethical and universal in how information is communicated, providing knowledge and tools that individuals can use to increase self-knowledge of their own multidimensional nature. Central to the work is the principle, “Be lucid. Question everything and everyone. Experiment. Ponder,” encouraging interested individuals to come to their own conclusions through rational thought and first-hand experience with these subjects.

Instructors not only train students to control their own bioenergies (chi, prana) and tools to leave the body, but also how to think critically about the phenomena that they encounter in the classes so as to develop a well-rounded and open-minded, yet grounded understanding of the topics.

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