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Volunteering and Teaching


Become an IAC volunteer or a ‘Friend of the IAC’

As a non-profit organization, the International Academy of Consciousness is staffed almost entirely by gracious volunteers. Our volunteers come from all ages and backgrounds, but share a passion for the study of consciousness and a commitment to spreading the knowledge that has helped transform their lives to others. IAC volunteers dedicate time every week to running our organization and partnering on projects to help others develop their self-awareness, experiential understanding of multidimensional (psychic) phenomena and to improve the quality of their lives and relationships.

Volunteers perform a wide array of functions, such as the following:

  • Writing, editing, or revising marketing fliers and emails.
  • Graphic design for marketing and advertising.
  • Helping us maintain our online presence on our website, calendars, and social media.
  • Helping to organize events taking place in external cities (or even countries).
  • Administration and data entry for our online systems.
  • And much more.

As an alternative to becoming a more formal volunteer, you may also be a ‘Friend of the IAC’, which does not have a set schedule or docket of responsibility, but finds ways to help and contribute from time to time.

The only pre-requisite is the motivation and an affinity with the work we do! If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact us.



IAC instructors are long-time contributors to IAC’s work who have chosen to deepen their commitment to IAC’s work by completing our Teacher Training program.

As a pre-requisite to becoming a teacher, you will have to complete our Consciousness Development Program and the Advanced 1 Self-knowledge workshop. Becoming an IAC instructor requires maturity and dedication on the part of the volunteer, and for many this process is formative and developmental in the completion of one’s existential program (life task).

If you are interested in taking the next step, you can check the next dates for our CDP here – or email us to inquire about becoming volunteer.

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